You can’t have a great lesson without a great teacher. At Shane we employ only qualified teachers, and we make it a priority to continue to train our staff throughout their time with us.


Training our teachers is of utmost importance to us here at Shane. All teachers are supported by a Director of Studies (DoS) and a Senior Teacher. We hold frequent training workshops and meetings to ensure that our staff stay on top of their game and provide effective lessons. Teachers are specially trained to be aware of and sensitive to the particular strengths and weaknesses of their students.


All Shane lessons are conducted entirely in English, with no use of the students' native language. Translating from English into Vietnamese, and then from Vietnamese back into English can lead to misinterpretations and a lack of native fluency. Learning English in English is the best way to achieve natural-sounding fluency and a correct understanding of grammar. Furthermore, learning from a native speaker of English means that you unconciously model your pronunciation on their speech, resulting in more natural-sounding accent and intonation. Shane teachers are experts at grading their language to ensure that the students are able to follow the lesson at all times. And we only employ native English speakers.