Teachers at Shane Vietnam shared their experiences during their studies and tips on how to become the prodigy of using English in their everyday life and study.

With the most practical sharing, the students who have been studying at Shane Vietnam will help us to have a realistic view of the learning process and develop the ability to communicate in English. And based on that, parents can feel more comfortable choosing Shane as the best and most reliable English learning environment for their children!

"My name is Simba. I'm 12 years old. I have studied at Shane school since I was 4. In my opinion, Shane school is great. It feels like my second home. Shane school doesn't only teach me English but also helps me know how to work in a team. One the other hand, teachers help me know more about the cultures of other countries. All of the teachers in Shane school are very friendly, thoughtful & kind. They look after students very carefully. In the future, I want to be a doctor. Because I want to help people. I think helping people is very fun, and being a doctor is very cool. I live in Ho Chi Minh City with my family."

Bùi Trí Khang (Simba) - CJ13H

" I am very happy to learn English at Shane School.

I love my English teacher the most because she always helps me improve my English: speaking - writting - listening skills.

Now I can talk to foreigners and other people in English confidently."

Trần Đức Vương ( Skipper) - CL11B

"Shane school is where I have studied English since forever.

In this school, I've tried my best in learning English & Shane ever gives me a lot of knowledge.

Not just that all the teachers are very nice & they show me a lot of different cultures from countries all over the world!"

Trần Nhật Phương Nghi (Cindy) - CJ19F

" I started studying at Shane School when I was 4 years old & I thought that this school is the best ever!

I can study a lot of new words in one day. It's usually hard but you will see how simple it is when you study here. I love my teachers & my friends here!"

Hoàng Lợi Lợi (Emily) - CL11B

" I have studied at Shane School for 1 year. I like to play hidden picture.

I feel happy & fun. My teacher at Shane school is strict but he helps students when they need.

I like to study at Shane school because I can learn a lot at Shane school."

Nguyễn Ngọc Trinh (Susan) - CL08C

"I have learnt English at Shane since 2014 & was impressed by this school.

The first time I came here, teacher told me that "Don't be shy to speak English!" A friendly teacher & nice friends make me better day by day".

Cung Tôn Vĩnh Khang (Karl) - CL11B