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Placement test

The levels
Not sure which level is right for you? Why not take our online Placement Test? There are four levels to try. Answer all the questions as well as you can, and your score will tell you if you're on the right level. 75-100 means you should try the next level up; 0-25 means you should perhaps try an easier level first!

The test is just a rough guide to our levels. For a more accurate analysis of your learning needs, be sure to visit your nearest Shane English Centre to arrange a demo lesson and comprehensive level check.

The questions
Each question only has one correct answer. There are two types of question (samples below):

Type 1) Please choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

How ___ you ?

is are do does

Type 2) Only one of the four sentences is correct; the other three contain errors or unnatural English. Please choose the most appropriate sentence.

How  are  you?
How  is  you?
How  do  you?
How  does  you?

Take the test!


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